Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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Christmas Lab

This week in lab at St. Mary's was our last week helping out at the school.  I worked with the cafeteria group this week and it was interesting.  We had planned to play parachute games but since St. Mary's didn't have one we had to think on our feet.  I had the students work on their throwing skills by having them have a snowball fight against the cones that I had set up on the other side of the gymnasium.  The students had to stand in a line and knock down all the cones.  I set up the games so that the students weren't going against each other but so they were racing against the clock instead.  The students really seemed to like it, after we had played about three times we went to other games but many of the students wanted to continue playing my game.  This made me feel good because I made a good game. 

After my snowball game we decide to play a game where everyone got into a circle and tried to throw the ball in between someone else's legs.  If the ball is thrown between your legs then you have to run around the circle singing jingle bells.  It was actually a lot of fun for me and the students alike.  

I am really going to miss the students at St. Mary's but I am so glad that they gave me the opportunity to help out there I really loved it. I'm actually going to be a Teacher's Assistant for next semester for this class because I loved it so much. So I would just like to say thank you, and here is my collage that I did that says just that.