Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving here we come!!

This week at lab everyone was excited for the upcoming holiday! We all were craving the turkey with mashed potatoes and corn.  This week we worked on the stationary bounce and kick.  The game that I taught was called Thanksgiving's Day Obstacle Course.  The object of the game was to bounce a basketball around an obstacle course and then at the end kick a soccer ball to a college student and tell them what they are thankful for, or what they wanted to bring to dinner.  The student's really seemed to like the game. All the student's did great and they kept the balls under control as well.  
 After the main games were over we played zombie tag because the students love that game.  I think that I was a zombie more times then not but I had a great time no matter what.  I also worked with one of the girls on shooting a basketball.  I know that she really appreciated it because she said thank you to me many times and that made me feel great.  I could also tell that she like it from the look on her face when she started making baskets one after the other.  Not all of her shots went in but more of them went in than when before I had helped her.  I really loved helping the girl because I would love to coach basketball in the future.

The best way to end the day is our cheer!! I love it! I can't wait for the next lab!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Flash Mob at the Mini Conference!!!

At the Mini Conference that was held at SUNY Cortland in October I was part of the Flash Mob!!! It was something that I had never done before but that I would definitely do again!! I had a blast dancing in front of everyone! The main goal of the flash mob was to get everyone up and moving and I would definitely say that we succeeded in doing just that!!!!

The Crazy Kickers Give You Infant Reflexes!! Check us out!!

This video is what we the Crazy Kicker had to say about Infant Reflexes!! I had a blast doing this video! It was really cool making all the lyrics and acting out our scenes!!


 This week at St. Mary's I would have to say I had the best time that I have had thus far!! This week we were working on throwing and catching, but we did much more than just working on those skills.  I had the kids this week in lab work on their throwing skills by having them throw the spiders into the hulla hoops and poly spots.  The students really listened when I described the game and they all participated.  The game really allowed us to see how their T shaped throwing skills were.

 Another thing that made this Halloween lab so great was the weather.  It was November but it was nice enough to go outside and play which was amazing!  All the children wanted to tag and chase the pumpkin girl this week, which ment I definitely got a workout! It was definitely a treat for all of us!!
I know that the kid's enjoyed us being there but I would have to say that I may enjoy it more then they do :)