Thursday, May 10, 2012

Exergaming Bulletin Board

Mine and  Emily Woundenberg's bulletin board was published by PE Central!!! You can check out the link below on PE Central and write a comment if you wish!! 

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Title of Bulletin Board: Exergaming Bulletin Board
Category: Exergaming
Suggested Grade Level: 9-12
Materials: Pictures, staples, glue, boarder, black poster board, paper and ink
The bulletin board highlights some of the equipment that is used in our exergaming lab. The equipment that we specifically used were the punching bags, steppers, bikes, Wii and the Eye Toy. We tried to highlight these pieces of equipment and show that they can be used in physical education. We also placed on our bulletin board a link to the Presidents Challenge web site. This reference to the website allows people to see that if they use the equipment correctly for an hour a day the president considers this sufficient daily exercise. The link also allows people to sign up at the presidents challenge web site to record their own personal daily exercise.

Exergaming Bulletin Board Image

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Submitted by Lesley Turner in Gouverneur, NY. Additional authors for this idea were Emily Woundenberg. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/10/2012 8:12:54 AM. Viewed 4 times since 5/9/2012.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lab C and Lab D packets

Lab C 
 Lab C Packet can be found at by clicking this link:

Lab D Exergaming 

Lab D Packet can be found at by clicking this link: 

Practical Volunteer Experience

For our 255 class we needed to spend a minimum of 10 hours working with children, outside of our daily classes. I would have to say that I spent much more than10 hours at St. Mary's this year. I am glad that I did too because I really enjoyed my volunteer experiences. I was a TA there for Professor Yang's 201 class, where every other week I was at the school working with the students at St. Mary's. This semester I also reffed the annual alumni basketball tournament, and helped out in the St. Mary's walk run that they held last month. I really love the school and everyone there. St. Mary's offered me a job for next semester when I come back to school to work in their after school program, which I was ecstatic about! I would love to work at this school and I really hope that my schedule allows for it!! Thank you so much St. Mary's for this amazing opportunity!!!

Exergaming Bulletin Board!!!

The bulletin board highlights some of the equipment that is used in the Exergaming lab. The equipment that we specifically used and displayed were the punching bags, steppers, bikes, Wii and the eye toy. We tried to highlight these pieces of equipment and show that they can be used in physical education. We also placed on our bulletin board a link to the Presidents Challenge website. This reference to the website allows people to see that if they use the equipment correctly for an hour a day, that the president considers this sufficient daily exercise. The link also allows people to sign up at the presidents challenge website to record their own personal daily exercise.  

The bulletin board was submitted to PE Central!! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

3 Gimps and a Red Head :)

I loved being a TA for 201!! I could not have asked for a better group either!! I have enjoyed every minute of it and honestly I am sad to say that it is over! My group included me in everything that they did and I love that!! I am glad that I was able to help this lab in their journey of becoming better teachers!! I know that they will make great teachers and I can honestly say that this is their passion and that it really shows that they are made for this profession. Just the joy that they get from going to St. Mary's is amazing. They always leave with a smile on their face. I am so proud of all of them in the class especially the men that were in my group!! Proud of all of you and I cannot wait to see what your future holds for you!!

So proud of you!!!
  3 Gimps and a Red Head!!!!!

Professor Yang's 201 Wednesday Lab Family 

Here are some videos that show you how easy it can be to set up Exergaming technology

WARNING: These videos are not Steven Spielberg quality but they will help you! :)
Here is a quick video showing you how to set up a miniature Exergaming bike to a television set. 

Here is a quick video showing you how to set up an eye toy to a television set.

A quick video how to set up the Exergaming bikes to a television set. 

Last but not least a video of how to set up a Wii. 

I hope that you find these videos helpful and if you have any questions please let me know!!


Who loves to dance?!! I love to dance!!! iDance is tons of fun and its a program that will definitely get you to sweat!! Steph and Max taught Lab D with the iDance equipment. I really enjoy iDance because I like to see what I am doing on a screen in front of me. I also love that it shows statistics because I am very competitive and I love seeing where I am at compared to all of my fellow classmates. I think that both Max and Steph did an amazing job teaching their lab D. They had great progressions and

modifications to the equipment. It amazes me how much you can do with all of this technology!! I remember when I first saw the equipment I was a bit intimidated, but now I get on it all the time and I encourage others to do the same!!!! Try something new! You never know how things may turn out unless you do!

We are an army of dancing 

Steph and Max great job!!!!

Relay for life!

Relay for life was a lot of fun!! The proceeds went to a great cause too, helping to fight cancer. A few weeks ago I went to the Relay for life here on campus and I walked 22 laps around the ice arena. I also did a three legged race while I was there, my partner Maggie and I almost won.

It was really great seeing all the people at Cortland there to support such a great cause. Cancer is something that we need to find a cure for. I topic is very sensitive for me because my grandfather died from cancer and my mother has had cancer in the past. I do hope that one day we find a cure but right now, all we can do is keep hope. On the backs of the APEM pinnies that my friend Ashley is wearing it says, more birthdays!! I love this motto! More birthdays for all!!!! I was honestly just really happy to be a part of this event, because it was for such a great cause!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Continuing with Technology

Here I come!!
I would just like to inform you all that I am officially the public relations officer for APEM, our Majors Club here on campus, next year!!! This position uses technology to get the word out with what is new in our majors club. I will be doing things like updating the groups Facebook and Twitter accounts. I am so excited!! I will have to say that I applied for this position because of my confidence and experience that I received from being in Professor Stephen Yang's 201 and 255 class this past year. So a special thanks to Professor  Stephen Yang!! I cannot wait until next semester when I can start integrating technology into more peoples lives, starting with the students at SUNY Cortland!!!!

ExerGaming, Oh Yeah!!

 Exergaming Oh Yeah!!
On Wednesday I taught Lab D and it went amazing!! I had a ton of fun teaching everyone how to use the technology that I had set up! I used a variety of equipment for this lesson. I used bikes, steppers, the Wii, the eye toy, and the PlayStation. I had posters at each station so that my students could read what to do and then start playing the game without one to one instruction. Once everyone got to their station I went around and gave each student positive, corrective feedback on what they were doing. 

When going through my videos all of my students looked as though they were having a great time! This made me feel great! Knowing that I was the one that did that for them. All of the students participated enthusiastically during my lesson which was great. At times a few of the students were frustrated but that is to be expected. The students got through it though, they all were able to figure out what to do and so can you!!

At each station of the lesson there were challenges and tasks to make what you were doing easier. You could challenge yourself. There were variations at each station that the students were able to do. The little bike for example 3 people at once could be using it at one time.  There are many different ways that you can use a piece of equipment, you just have to be creative.

After teaching this lesson I think that it went extremely well. I had to learn how to set and use all of this equipment up but I am so glad that I did. At times it was challenging, but you are not doing your job as a physical educator if you take the easy way out. You have to always be willing to learn something new! All of the students loved the activities that I had set up for them and they could not wait to go to the lab again! I asked at the end of my lesson if my students wanted to come back next week, the response that I received was I want to come back tomorrow! After hearing that statement I knew that this was a success. I believe that more teachers should learn how to incorporate technology into their lessons! It is something that is new yes, but it is something that gets people active and excited about physical education at the same time!!!

Exergaming?! The new pe, I say yes!!!

Last night I went into the lab and set up some of the equipment for a fraternity that had asked to use the room. It was a lot of fun. The fraternity brothers that came down were so amazed by this technology. The one thing that they all said before they left was that was a workout. Using this equipment really does give you a workout! I know that personally I sweat when I use this equipment and I can feel my legs burning when I am done at a station.  I think that more people should try this equipment out, it may look intimidating at first but once you have learned how to use it, it becomes a blast!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Table Tennis?! I say YES!!

In 255 the other day we went to the squash courts and were taught how to do two moves in table tennis. Table tennis definitely is not my sport but it was a lot of fun to be honest! The thing that I remember distinctly from this lessons is how the teachers dealt with the relationship issues that were happening. Both teachers were given a relationship issue in order to deal with. Mr. Banks had to deal with a cheating issue with three of his students. I think that Mr. Banks handled the situation very well. He had one of the students leave the room after she had an outbreak during the classroom. That was not his first reprimand however, he first got closer to the group and the students acted better for just a moment. Then the outbreak happened and further steps were taken. The student causing problems was taken out of the room, talked to, and then let back into the class when she repeated the classroom rules. I think that when he made her repeat the rules, it was great!! I never had thought about doing that before but it is a great idea and I am going to use that from now on!!

The other lesson Justin taught and had to deal with his students flirting with him. Two female students made advances on him but he handled it very well.  They wanted to be on his team and demonstrate everything for hi. They were obviously flirting with him but he was very professional and he told the girls what to do. The asked them politely to go to the other end of the tennis table at some points, but he also still let them demonstrate the activity which I thought was good. One of the students ran her fingers through his hair and he told her that was inappropriate and not to do that again. I thought that he handled that well, it was definitely shocking but he did a good job handling the situation.

I just hope that I can handle situations like these as well as these two student teachers did in their table tennis lessons. Great job Eric and Justin!!