Friday, November 4, 2011


 This week at St. Mary's I would have to say I had the best time that I have had thus far!! This week we were working on throwing and catching, but we did much more than just working on those skills.  I had the kids this week in lab work on their throwing skills by having them throw the spiders into the hulla hoops and poly spots.  The students really listened when I described the game and they all participated.  The game really allowed us to see how their T shaped throwing skills were.

 Another thing that made this Halloween lab so great was the weather.  It was November but it was nice enough to go outside and play which was amazing!  All the children wanted to tag and chase the pumpkin girl this week, which ment I definitely got a workout! It was definitely a treat for all of us!!
I know that the kid's enjoyed us being there but I would have to say that I may enjoy it more then they do :)

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