Sunday, February 26, 2012

Me teaching the T shape No T-Rex's

Lab C!!!
Teaching how to throw over handed by using the T shape for Tchoukball!!

For lab C I was in the group that taught Tchoukball, a game that originates from Switzerland.  This was a game that I had never heard about yet alone played. I thought that it was great! I had a lot of fun teaching my students how to throw properly. The one thing that I could have done better was watched my time better. In lab D I will be try to manage my time a lot better. I should have started my instant activity as soon as the class started, this would have been a more efficient way to start my lesson than the way that I did it. Another thing could have done was only teach one skill, the over handed throw instead of the underhanded throw as well. I should have just mentioned that we were going to work on the underhanded throw in the next class. I will have to remember this the next time I do another lesson plan. Overall though excluding my time management I think that I did a good job teaching. All of the students were excited and they all wanted to participate in the activity. I think that they had a good time and that is huge for me. Physical education is about teaching students how to improve upon their skills that they have but for me it is also about having a good time. As you can see in all the pictures everyone is smiling, and have the skill down. That makes me feel like I did well at the end of the day.

After watching my videos from my lab B and comparing it to lab C I feel as though I have grown and bettered my teaching. I think that I am more aware of what the students are doing. I think that I get better each time that I teach because honestly that is the only way that I am going to improve. In both labs I have very good vocal projection, you can always here me. I also fell as though I can command everyone in the classes attention. In this lab I demonstrated the incorrect way how to throw the ball which I was happy about because that did not happen in lab B. I also said what my signal for attention was, even though it was a little confusing, my signals worked. All of this information can be found of the following document which is my feedback that I recieved from my TA. I still have to work on my introduction so that it becomes easier for me to say my name when I first start my lesson. I need to remember that I need to just go into my instant activity the next time that I teach. Overall I think that I do a good job teaching my students a skill or task because at the end of each lesson almost if not all of my students have the skill or task that I taught learned. Overall I just love to teach though, and I want to continue to learn better ways how to do that so that I can improve, and help my students to the best of my ability.

Above is my video of me teaching how to throw using the T shape!!! Below is a movie that I made from my lesson!! I hope that you all enjoy!!!

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