Sunday, April 1, 2012

Volunteering at St. Mary's

On March 25 I went to St. Mary's and reffed the annual alumni basketball game. It was seriously a blast!!!  The My friend Maggie reffed along with me which made it fun as well! I think that the alumni basketball game is a great idea! Students that are in 7th through 12th grade that went to St. Mary's for elementary school come back and play against each other. There were two teams and the boys and the girls of all ages played. The best part of the tournament was seeing how much fun everyone was having. It reminded me of my old elementary school where we had an annual tournament that let the students play against their parents.  I mean this tournament was eye opening. There were students there with a wide variety of skills.  Some of the students were dunking where others were at very elementary levels of play but that was because they were just starting out in their basketball career. It was great to see everyone working together. I was shocked when a seventh grade boy sunk about 5 three pointers in one period. I really had a great time volunteering and I was very thankful that Mrs. Boyland gave me this opportunity. I told everyone that I will definitely be back next year to do it again!

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