Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Practical Volunteer Experience

For our 255 class we needed to spend a minimum of 10 hours working with children, outside of our daily classes. I would have to say that I spent much more than10 hours at St. Mary's this year. I am glad that I did too because I really enjoyed my volunteer experiences. I was a TA there for Professor Yang's 201 class, where every other week I was at the school working with the students at St. Mary's. This semester I also reffed the annual alumni basketball tournament, and helped out in the St. Mary's walk run that they held last month. I really love the school and everyone there. St. Mary's offered me a job for next semester when I come back to school to work in their after school program, which I was ecstatic about! I would love to work at this school and I really hope that my schedule allows for it!! Thank you so much St. Mary's for this amazing opportunity!!!

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