Sunday, May 6, 2012


Who loves to dance?!! I love to dance!!! iDance is tons of fun and its a program that will definitely get you to sweat!! Steph and Max taught Lab D with the iDance equipment. I really enjoy iDance because I like to see what I am doing on a screen in front of me. I also love that it shows statistics because I am very competitive and I love seeing where I am at compared to all of my fellow classmates. I think that both Max and Steph did an amazing job teaching their lab D. They had great progressions and

modifications to the equipment. It amazes me how much you can do with all of this technology!! I remember when I first saw the equipment I was a bit intimidated, but now I get on it all the time and I encourage others to do the same!!!! Try something new! You never know how things may turn out unless you do!

We are an army of dancing 

Steph and Max great job!!!!

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