Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ExerGaming, Oh Yeah!!

 Exergaming Oh Yeah!!
On Wednesday I taught Lab D and it went amazing!! I had a ton of fun teaching everyone how to use the technology that I had set up! I used a variety of equipment for this lesson. I used bikes, steppers, the Wii, the eye toy, and the PlayStation. I had posters at each station so that my students could read what to do and then start playing the game without one to one instruction. Once everyone got to their station I went around and gave each student positive, corrective feedback on what they were doing. 

When going through my videos all of my students looked as though they were having a great time! This made me feel great! Knowing that I was the one that did that for them. All of the students participated enthusiastically during my lesson which was great. At times a few of the students were frustrated but that is to be expected. The students got through it though, they all were able to figure out what to do and so can you!!

At each station of the lesson there were challenges and tasks to make what you were doing easier. You could challenge yourself. There were variations at each station that the students were able to do. The little bike for example 3 people at once could be using it at one time.  There are many different ways that you can use a piece of equipment, you just have to be creative.

After teaching this lesson I think that it went extremely well. I had to learn how to set and use all of this equipment up but I am so glad that I did. At times it was challenging, but you are not doing your job as a physical educator if you take the easy way out. You have to always be willing to learn something new! All of the students loved the activities that I had set up for them and they could not wait to go to the lab again! I asked at the end of my lesson if my students wanted to come back next week, the response that I received was I want to come back tomorrow! After hearing that statement I knew that this was a success. I believe that more teachers should learn how to incorporate technology into their lessons! It is something that is new yes, but it is something that gets people active and excited about physical education at the same time!!!

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