Sunday, April 22, 2012

Table Tennis?! I say YES!!

In 255 the other day we went to the squash courts and were taught how to do two moves in table tennis. Table tennis definitely is not my sport but it was a lot of fun to be honest! The thing that I remember distinctly from this lessons is how the teachers dealt with the relationship issues that were happening. Both teachers were given a relationship issue in order to deal with. Mr. Banks had to deal with a cheating issue with three of his students. I think that Mr. Banks handled the situation very well. He had one of the students leave the room after she had an outbreak during the classroom. That was not his first reprimand however, he first got closer to the group and the students acted better for just a moment. Then the outbreak happened and further steps were taken. The student causing problems was taken out of the room, talked to, and then let back into the class when she repeated the classroom rules. I think that when he made her repeat the rules, it was great!! I never had thought about doing that before but it is a great idea and I am going to use that from now on!!

The other lesson Justin taught and had to deal with his students flirting with him. Two female students made advances on him but he handled it very well.  They wanted to be on his team and demonstrate everything for hi. They were obviously flirting with him but he was very professional and he told the girls what to do. The asked them politely to go to the other end of the tennis table at some points, but he also still let them demonstrate the activity which I thought was good. One of the students ran her fingers through his hair and he told her that was inappropriate and not to do that again. I thought that he handled that well, it was definitely shocking but he did a good job handling the situation.

I just hope that I can handle situations like these as well as these two student teachers did in their table tennis lessons. Great job Eric and Justin!!

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