Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 2 at St. Mary's this Semester

At St. Mary's this week I had the Pre-K group and they are my favorite. When I walked into the classroom a girl came up to me and said you were superwoman right? I said yeah that was a long time ago though and she then proceeded to tell me what color shirt that I had worn that day. I was simply amazed. The young girl was recalling events from over five months ago. I was impressed to say the least. It made me happy that she remembered me because it means that I am doing something right. It also made me really glad that I was one of the students who dressed up like every class last semester because by doing that it allowed me to connect with the students even more than I had thought!

After that me and a student in the 201 class did an arts and craft with the children. I taught all the children how to draw a basketball and the majority of them took the instructions very well and their basketballs turned out great. It is important to work on many levels with the children not just motor development wise but cognitive development is extremely important as well.  Asking the students what color their crayons were and what color their papers were is going to help them out in the long run. We are there to help students learn as much as they can as well as to learn as much as we can from the students.  Then Max the other SUNY Cortland student showed the children how to draw a football and the Pre-K students loved it. The other two members in my group read a book to the children and did the arts and crafts with them as well. No student was disappointed to say the least.

Once we were done in the classroom we played few games. One was an obstacle course and the other was a freeze tag game.  The students were very enthusiastic that day so they did not really want to listen very much so I pulled out my whistle quite a bit and that helped out a lot. There are many reasons why the children may be a bit wired but the thing that we have to remember as physical educators is that we are their release for that energy. We are the ones that are providing them with a safe area to get there energy out and to learn how to improve on their skills.  Some of the things that helped me that day because I ended up loosing my voice was my whistle, my group members and the way that I gave instructions. In all it went well, there are somethings that could have gone smoother but this is the real world it is not going to be easy.

The final thing that I did at St. Mary's this week was show them how do dance the Cotton Eyed Joe dance. I started by breaking it down into steps and I progressed into the rest of the song. I did it piece by piece which was really good, but then it got a little bit more difficult when I had the children put it all together. Not all of them could do the dance when it was put all together, but they could all do the separate moves that the dance consisted of.  This means that they are able to do the dance they just need a little more time and practice and then they will have it down in no time. After the dance we said our cheer for the day and we left the building.  My experience only made me more excited to come back for the next lab that was in two weeks. I can only hope that the students that are in my group enjoy this experience as much as I do.

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