Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 4 of 255

Today in class we learned the importance of projecting our voices. This is an extremely important skill to have! I went to St. Mary's yesterday and it is something that you need to know how to do. I am naturally a loud person but I need to learn how to project even better because I lost my voice and it isn't the first time that has happened. In class we also learned the importance of an instant activity and a safety tip. An instant activity will get students ready to move. It is also something good to do before you stretch so that you can get warm because it is never good to stretch cold. After the instant activity which was a form of freeze tag we did some yoga. This gave us a really good stretch and it got all of us loose and ready for the rest of class. After we did the yoga we moved onto getting into small groups and talking about what would improve the lesson that we taught the first day of class. During the first day of class I taught a lesson on how to properly make a chest pass and a bounce pass. A few things that I am going to do differently when I teach the lesson next time is make a safety statement, give boundaries and incorporate a hook.  All of these things will help me make my lesson even better! I can always grow and learn!! I mean that is what teaching is about!!!

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