Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 5 of 255

Today in lab we were given the opportunity to reteach the first lesson that we taught on the first day of class to our peers. I think that I did very well on my lesson. I changed some things up this time though and most were for the better! This time I introduced myself which is something that I had not done before but that is very important to do. Another thing that I really liked that I did was make a safety statement because they are extremely important, because we want all of our students to be safe. Another thing that I did was give a correct demonstration of the skill that I was working on. I was loud when I was instructing the class. I am glad that I have a naturally loud voice because it is only going to help me in the long run.  I asked if everyone knew what their tasks were and if anyone had any questions in the lesson. This is extremely important because if my students have any questions it is my job to answer them. I also gave a lead in to the next lesson that I will be teaching and I thought that was really good, because it gives the students something to look forward to.

The things that I can improve upon for next time is not jumping into the lesson as a student but always remaining the teacher, because I will be able to see more this way. Which in turn will make it easier for me to assess my students in the future.  The other thing that I should have done differently was no have rushed at the end because my time was running out. I have remember that that is my class and I am in charge of it at all times.  These are somethings that I hope to improve upon next time.  I think that peer teaching is great because it really gives you great feedback and it really does help you to improve. Honestly though the best way that I am going to improve is by simply getting out there and teaching more often, which by the way I cannot wait to do!!

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