Monday, April 2, 2012

Intraurals!!! Yeah it was a blast!!

Over the past few months I played on a basketball intramurals team and I had a ton of fun!! I used to play on the  varsity team at my previous college but I did not like that at all so I decided here I would not try out for the team but I would just do intramurals instead. It was more of a family on this team and that is how I was taught a basketball team should be. I love being able to just get out there and do something that I love to do. I have played basketball every since the 3rd grade and I am a junior in college at this point in time so to say the least I have played quite a few games! That also tells you that I have really enjoyed playing this sport.

 I wanted to encourage anyone that is thinking about doing an intramural team to just do it, whether you know the sport or not!! My freshman year of college I played broomball and I had a blast!! I will never forget how much fun that I had just getting out there and doing it!!

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