Monday, April 2, 2012

Scavenger Hunt!!!

Today in 255 instead of our normal class we participated in a scavenger hunt throughout park center!!! It was so much fun I wouldn't mind doing that a more times at all. It was a great way to integrate technology into physical education. We split up into groups and we used smart phones to scan bar codes that were set up throughout the building, that lead us to other clues. There were ten places that we needed to find and each place had a letter and a clue to the next bar code. The letters that we got we had to unscramble and figure out what the letters spelt. This is a great way to get the students thinking cognitively. The final phrase was red dragons which is our school mascot which I thought was cool. The scavenger hunt was also an amazing way to get out heart rate up and to get us active. I had more than 2 thousand steps within less than an hour from doing this activity which is great!!! I am actually keeping track of my steps online with and it is great!! I get to see how many step I take a day seeing those numbers really will shock you!! I suggest that everyone get a pedometer and track your step count with this because it is easy to use and free!! I personally love the site and I think that you will too!!

 Thank you Steve Miner for coming up with the scavenger hunt I think that it was amazing, and I would love to do it again!!! Oh and PS in case you were wondering my team won the scavenger hunt!!! Yeah Baby!!

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